Step by Step

Since my childhood  I ´ve been loving all related with art. I still can see me with a pencil in my little hands ever drawing. My sister and I used to play art exhibitions at the back yard of my house. The rope to extend the clothes and the clothespin were our tools and let us hang "my works of art" in that particular gallery. My natural curiosity and the personal circunstances of my childhood and teens, transforms me in a very independent person since I was very young. This particularity of my character and the sensations that appeared when I began to buy a serialized art publications about master of painting being a small boy; my idols at that time, let me lost my natural embarrassment and  I decided  to do my first visit to an art gallery in Montevideo downtown. Still now, I'm continuing with this fondness that began when I was eleven years old and make me discovered the amazing and incredible world of creation, which has been an endeless suggesting well of inspiration. Between all the arts exist communicating vessels connecting one to the others, so till now I´m asking me: why do I make so  roundabout way to the painting?. A popular spanish  poem of Antonio Machado says: " The way is done on foot...", so my walk was long up to coming to this discipline.

At the age of 20 I began to study tapestry in the workshop of a well-known local artist and in the same time period I contacted for the first time the theater; another of my big passions. For several years I worked as technical designer and stylist of theatrical wardrobe with several Montevidean´s theater groups. In Uruguay, the theater is an important institution with big tradition in our country and even respected  on a global scale. This special conglomeration of artistic disciplines that mold the theater has influenced me powerful and let me be open-minded in the art and develop enormously my imagination. Also I realized in those days some scenographic and setting  collaborations with local well-known artists in those special artistic matters so related with the architecture or sculpture.

In 1981 my life, indirectly, contacted again with the painting , when I was employed and trained as painting restorer  in the Uruguay Patrimony Workshop.  I worked as restorer specialist in this goberment institution till 1989, with the great strocke of luck that during all those years this task let me discovered and manipulated a great amount of art pieces of famous local and internacional painters, which arrived to the workshop to be treated or repaired. I also participated in art and restoration congresses in Montevideo and Trujillo (Perú) and I was benefited by an O.E.A. scholarship to the course of 1988 of Restoration of Patrimony in Cuzco, Perú.

I gave a radical draft to my life in1989 for personal reasons and left my country to move my residence to Barcelona, Spain where I still continue living at the present time. My special circumstances made me remain away from practically any kind of manifestation of creativity for several years. In those complicated days I missed enormously the art and in practice I´m not find a way to channel my need of plastic expression. My creative gap is enormous and some inner power force me to look for alternative forms to show my imagination. By influence of a big friend, I began to create collages with publications clippings. The same big friend, taught me to handle with the computer and later I discovered Coreldraw that was my vehicle in those days to return to the path of creativity. I began realizing my firsts digital drawings and soon creating my firsts tiles and the following step was to keep on investigating on the creative possibilities of programs like Corel or Photoshop, that took me to my digital paintings. These had allowed me to carry out great numbers of works  with this rich and singular hardware. Pieces that can be seen across the screen or to be printed on different supported materials. But this is to advance very much in this history, everything has been step by step, and in this moment these works were cathartic for my expressive nostalgia. Spent a few years; about 2000; meeting again with an ancient friend, witness of a lot of my personal and creative experiences in Uruguay, that she lit in me the flame of confidence that was missing. She gave me the final motivation  that would allow me to open the "door" of the painting; she said to me: " You have to point out your hiddeng painting talent; yeah, you have to begin to paint right now" (sic).  The message was so simple and so clear, that for the first time I finally left my repetead detours, subterfuges, pretexts or insecurities and decided to begin to train by myself  in oil painting techs. I had certain experience with oil materials, cause my contact during those several years working as pictorial restorer in Uruguay.  Next I learned how to use the combination of greasy materials (oil), with the soluble ones in water like the acrylic one; for example, opening a new door toward the mixed skill. After this one, the collage with acrylic pigments and other materials as paper or textil.  and the acrylic one I have been inclined towards, little by little, for the acrylic medium for practical reasons. My "workshop" has stuffiness and the acrylic medium give off less gasses than the oil pigments. Anyway I try to continuing searching new ways to express my creativity or look for new horizons of experimentation and expression as the  watercolor and pastel. Basicly the most of my works were created with acrylic. Nowadays it´s the medium that I know better and I fond of it, because it let achieve interesting expressive results. Simultaneously I carry on with my experimentation with the digital painting...


 Marvilla, September 2 of 2009/Barcelona


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